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Cornerstone Critters has been offering pet puppies, fish, birds, and reptiles to Bryan, Ohio and the surrounding area since 1992. We have personal experience with every pet we sell, from locally raised puppies to hand-fed baby birds, and the supplies to keep them healthy and happy. Come on in to browse our selection of animals, or give us a call for more information!

Our Selection of Pets Includes:

  • Puppies and Small Critters - A good selection puppies and other lovable little critters including Marshall ferrets, dwarf bunnies, and chinchillas
  • Pet Fish - Freshwater, saltwater, and tropical fish from classic Koi to exotic Angelfish
  • Birds and Reptiles - Pet birds like finches, canaries, and cockatoos - and lizards including tortoises to pythons

If you're interested in a pet you don't see on the site, call us up to ask!
We source all our pets from reputable dealers.

Contact Cornerstone Critters today at 419-636-3670 for more information on any of our pets.

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